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About Us

Our Vision

Tucker Arm in Arm came together as a group committed to creating an inclusive community centered on love, acceptance and faith.  In 2017, individual members of First Baptist Church of Tucker were moved to share their unconditional love for the Tucker community and raised the money to provide the initial funding for what became Tucker Arm in Arm.  Our mission is to be a community where people from all walks of life can come together to embrace individuality, encourage open dialogue, and demonstrate unconditional love as directed by the teachings and examples of Jesus.  We strive to be a gathering of open-hearted, non-judgmental, peacemakers celebrating life and investigating faith. Not only do we welcome all, but we embrace, encourage, and include you in the journey.


We are committed to create an inclusive

community through acceptance and faith.

Our Mission


The Community Discussion Group on Embracing Diversity meets once a month to discuss subject matters that are directly related to embracing diversity. So far we have covered topics such as racism, culture, classism, implicit bias, ableism and ageism. The purpose of this discussion group is to bring people from different walks of life together where we can openly and safely discuss our personal life experiences and encounters. Our hope is, as we learn how to overcome our own short falls, we will learn how to embrace others in the process.​

The Women's Group: The Circle provides a place for women of all ages to journey together so that we can share, learn, support and empower each other. Please contact Christa Sfameni at for more information.

Group Leader: Christa Sfameni

The Rocky Ground Conversations group is a group that generally talks about life and faith.

Group Leader: Joe Sfameni

Heart to Heart gathering is an invitation to share stories, life lessons and topics that compel us to examine our hearts while fostering spiritual growth. Every 2nd Sunday we’ll have an opportunity to build relationships through our journey of acceptance and faith in a loving community.


Group Leader: Joe Sfameni

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