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10/11/20 Heart To Heart Summary

Presenter: Joe Sfameni

Topic: You’ll never know…

As a kid, during Christmas season, I always liked watching the movie It’s A Wonderful Life. In it, the main character, George Bailey, had the help of a guardian angel to see what life would be like had he never existed. Only then did he recognize the impact of what he thought was his boring, meaningless life had one those around him. Even though I religiously watched the movie every year, I never really bought into the realization about how we in small ways impact those around us. But I later saw it in action from two special people close to me and it made me realize how even the simplest of gestures or words can leave a meaningful effect on those around us.

At the October 11th Heart to Heart we had a great discussion about times where someone told us that we unknowingly impacted their life. We also talked about those who had impacted our life and, more importantly, whether we shared that with them. Afterall, we would not want them to be like George Bailey and not realize how their life mattered in ours.

We hope you can join us for the next Heart to Heart.

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