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10/25/20 Heart To Heart Summary

Presenter: Christa Sfameni

Topic: The Practice of Paying Attention

Do you ever have something pop up so often in your life that you feel like you’re being slapped in the face by it? Lately for me, it has been the practice of paying attention. Mindfulness. Being more aware of what’s going on around us. As we race through life, do we need to take more care to “stop and smell the roses?” Consider the people you come into contact daily. Think about the beauty on your drive to work. Jason Mraz’s song, ‘Living in the Moment,’ perfectly describes the attitude that can help us shift our paradigm.

“I will not waste my days

Making up all kinds of ways

To worry about all the things

That will not happen to me.

So I just let go of what I know I don’t know

and I know I only do this by Living in the Moment”

At the October 25th Heart to Heart, we had discussion about things we can do to incorporate mindfulness in our life each day and we learned a lot from each other. Please consider joining us for the next time we meet, Heart to Heart.

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