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April 2019 Round Table Discussion

Our follow-up discussion got deeper as persons got more comfortable. We touched on effective dialogue across racial lines. One point that came up in that discussion was John Maxwell’s quote: “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” We were rather transparent in discussing our personal sacred stories on race relations in our individual community (school, work, neighborhood, and church).

We also continued the conversation on classism in the school system. There was someone present who spent many years attending school board meetings, and serving in our school system that was able to share some insights on the subject matter. There were more questions than answers as the conversation led to parental involvement, discipline, selection of classes, trade training in High School and much more.

We recognize that our value system has changed over the years where education and discipline seem not to matter as much. We also are aware that we shifted from the village mentally to just living in the community without concerns for the next person. From those discussions, we realize that most of what we see are symptoms. For most part, the problem is very deep rooted.Even though the problem is much bigger than us, and we cannot solve all the problems, we are committed to being part of the solution. That led to the discussion on how we personally see others. Whether we like it or not, our environment (what we see & hear) influence our thought process and responses to what goes on in our society. Someone recommended that we all take a deep look at ourselves individually to address our own shortcomings as it relates to our views on others before we reach out to the rest of our community. We are committed to bringing community together regardless of our differences.

Please join our next discussion on May 7th at 6:30p.m. as we identify some specific areas where we can be part of the solution.

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