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Do We Really See What We See?

Sometimes our crooked lenses allow us to see things from a bias perspective. My question, “Why can’t people just stay home?” came to a sudden halt after reading a Facebook post from a friend. The Facebook post was about people responding to the complaints of persons degrading people for making ‘non-essential’ trips outdoor. The post brought awareness to persons dealing with addictions and depression. Here is an excerpt from the post: “Do you ever think maybe that guy buying a gallon of paint knows he must keep busy because idle hands in the past has caused him to relapse and pick up that case of beer? Or maybe that lady buying bags of soil and seeds, have been struggling with depression and suicide?” The author of the post addressed the idea that home improvement projects or yard projects may be life-savers for those struggling with addictions or depression.

Like myself, so many of us know people who struggle with anxiety, depression, and addiction yet we sometimes miss the bigger picture. Yes, we are asked to self-quarantine for our own safety. Yes, we all want to live to tell our story, who does not? Even so, be aware that everybody responds to self-quarantine in different ways. The next time we drive to the grocery store for food necessary for survival, please do not ask, “Why are all these people out here? Why can’t they just stay home?” For one, they may be going to another grocery store or running an errand for an elderly person. Maybe they are just driving around to see a different scenery. We do not know because we do not have an opportunity to ask or to listen. Does it really matter, why people are out there? One thing is certain, we all handle life differently. Now that we know that some persons have to keep busier than others, maybe, just maybe, we should offer a word of prayer instead of a word of judgment. That Facebook post has helped me straighten my lenses a little, which has allowed me to see life from a different perspective rather than my crooked personal view. Just some food for thought.

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