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"How To Be An Antiracist"-FollowUp

Tucker Arm in Arm met on July 28th for a discussion on ‘How to be an antiracist.’ The group was rather transparent in addressing our individual struggles, awareness and progress in building relationships with others that look different. Here are some takeaways from our dialogue:

  • We all have a role to play in educating our community on the topic of racism – bring correction to our friends when they do not understand or misunderstand the plight of people of color

  • Besides being a movement; Black Lives Matter is saying that a black person life is as valuable as any other person’s life

  • Be aware of our implicit bias

  • It takes time for change to occur, be patient with yourself in forming new relationships with people that don’t look like you

  • Every person should be treated equal

  • Contribute to Networks back to school project if possible

  • Stay alert as to what is going on in our community such as the gap in school resources – help where we can

  • Take time to vote as well as participate in the census


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