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Looking back, and moving forward

2020 was quite a year! Someone summarized it as the year of the 3 P’s: Pandemic, Protest and Politics

It was a year of ups, downs and uncertainty for many across our community, state, nation and the world.

In spite of what we faced, we are here at the end of the year. So, what have we done in 2020, and what are we doing in the coming year?

Just a few takeaways from Tucker Arm in Arm:

Embracing Diversity: We learned the importance of active listening in seeking to understand instead of to be understood. We explored what loving our neighbor looks like and the importance of team work.

Heart to Heart: Created a space where we were able to share from our hearts. We learned how to live in the moment without holding too tightly to the past or looking too far ahead. We took away how to look within when things do not seem right; we learned how to use wisdom and how to value the contributions we as well as others make to our society.

Rocky Ground Conversations: Provided a safe place to vent, cry and laugh in the midst of all the uncertainty. We were reminded to be grateful for the little things in life. As we leaned on each other acquaintances became friends in that space.

Our hope is that 2021 will be a year of new beginnings and transformation. Our Heart to Heart will continue with topics such as “Why” “Goals or Resolution” and more. We will start the year with topics that have us look deep inside to determine why we do what we do.

Embracing Diversity will resume in February with an international zoom dialogue. The purpose is to learn about the challenges, victories and culture of our international brothers and sisters living in America.

For those who are struggling with grief or any other pain – peace and comfort to you, my friend.

As we prepare to welcome a New Year, my hope is that one day we will look back at 2020 with sunshine.

Wishing you your heart desires/dreams/vision for 2021.

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