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March 2020 Round Table Discussion

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, we had a very low turnout at our last discussion on Respect and Social Inclusion. In an effort to contribute towards the requirements of Tucker becoming an Age-Friendly City, our goal was to identify events/activities in our city where everybody is included. Dr. Lois Ricci explained the meaning of Age-Friendly City as well as the requirements to maintain our Age-friendly designation by the World Health Organization. Even though we did not stay on topic, here are some of the events we identified in Tucker that include persons of all ages:

  • Tucker Chili Cook-off

  • Tucker Day

  • July 3rd Independent Celebration on Main Street

  • Senior Valentine Dance at Tucker Recreation Center (geared to our more mature adults)

The following is a checklist for Domain 5 (Respect and Social Inclusion). Please feel to email us at with events that already exist or recommendations in accomplishing the goal at hand:

Respect And Social Inclusion Checklist

  • All persons are consulted by public, voluntary and commercial services on ways to serve them better.

  • Public and commercial services provide services and products adapted to people’s needs and preferences.

  • Services have helpful and courteous staff trained to respond to all.

Public Images Of Aging

  • The media include all persons in public imagery, depicting them positively and without stereotypes.

Intergenerational And Family Interactions

  • Community-wide settings, activities and events attract people of all ages by accommodating age-specific needs and preferences.

  • Persons of all ages are included in community activities for “families”.

  • Activities that bring generations together for mutual enjoyment and enrichment are regularly held.

Public Education

  • Learning about ageing is included in primary and secondary school curricula.

  • Persons of all ages are actively and regularly involved in local school activities with children and teachers.

  • Persons are provided opportunities to share their knowledge, history and expertise with other generations.

Community Inclusion

  • All persons are included as full partners in community decision-making affecting them.

  • Persons are recognized by the community for their past as well as their present contributions.

  • Community action to strengthen neighborhood ties and support include all residents as key informants, advisers, actors and beneficiaries.

Economic inclusion

  • Economically disadvantaged persons enjoy access to public, voluntary and private services and events.

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