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Tales Of Compassion

Behind every face, there is a story. Every person has a soul that makes the person human.There are many individuals with everything that the world desires and there are many without anything a human needs.Today, in the form of six short stories, I want to talk about the heart of those who seem to have nothing to offer yet have given much more than many. For the sake of privacy, names and places have be changed.

Story #1:

Mary’s very first encounter with Mr. Q was quite interested. He seemed quiet and laid back. He was very polite, said good morning, took a seat and waited. As he waited, he observed. Over the next few months, she encountered Mr. Q several times. He always gave an encouraging word, and affirmed her so well as if he knew her for years. Even though Mary did not request prayer, one day Mr. Q offered to pray for her. His prayer was on target. Months later Mary ran into Mr. Q at the store. His neighbor had lost her phone. Since she had small children, Mr. Q decided to go search for the phone for her. He took a taxi to the store, and had the meter running while he inquired about his friend’s phone. Mr. Q had sufficient money to pay the taxi; however, not enough to get him back home. Mary decided to give him a ride home. On arrival, Mr. Q asked Mary to wait, he ran inside and brought out a box of Christmas cards. He wanted to bless her with something for taking him home. Little did Mary know, that was a very temporary housing arrangement for Mr. Q. Even so, it was not obvious to anyone that Mr. Q was on the brink of homelessness. How many of us in dire situations think about giving to others?

Story #2:

It was a hot summer day, when Joe showed up to the food pantry sweating carrying a case of water. He walked about .4miles from the bus stop with the water on his shoulder. Someone had given him two cases of water. His first thought was to help someone else. As he placed the water down, he kindly asked if he could have a bottle for himself. He was out of breath from walking in the heat. What an amazing guy. Even though homeless, he placed others before himself. Someone else may have thought that they needed to hold on to what they had; not him. Joe always considered others before himself. How many of us in need, think about others before ourselves?

Story #3:

There is a saying that we should be kind to others because sometimes we can be entertaining angels and not know. Maggie had one of those encounters with a homeless lady. Maggie wanted to know this stranger’s story; however, every time she saw her, it was on a busy street that made it difficult to stop. Maggie finally had her opportunity. She was driving down at 35 miles/hour next to a shopping center when she spotted this beautiful homeless lady. She pulled over, got out of her car and gently approached. Julie had the most admirable contagious smile, the whitest teeth and most pleasant personality. She did not say much yet she had a conversation. As she spoke with Maggie, a young man who seemed to appear from nowhere, handed Julie some cash. She graciously smiled, said thank you, and tucked the bill away. Maggie’s moment with Julie was so calming and peaceful, she did not want to depart. She gave Julie a hug at the end of their conversation and just stood admiring the radiance that streamed from Julie’s face. It was a radiance she never saw on anyone before. Maggie felt as though she had just encountered God. She did not want to leave that presence. They eventually parted ways. From that day onwards, Maggie stopped to greet Julie every time she saw her. Julie’s gratitude for life left Maggie amazed.

Story #4:

“Stop, pullover, there goes Debbie,” Jenny said to her friend. Jenny had just left the store with her friend who was shopping for a homeless lady when she saw Debbie walking up the street. Her friend turned around and pulled over into the shopping center. He gave Jenny some money to give Debbie for lunch. She was very grateful for the few dollars and knew exactly where she was able to get 2 burgers for that price. The thing that stun Jenny most was when she offered to buy Debbie a pair of shoes as she noticed the bottom of Debbie’s shoes falling apart. Debbie advised that someone had already promised to purchase a pair of shoes for her. She was going to pick them up later that week. Even though Jenny insisted, Debbie declined. She did not want anyone getting her stuff that she did not need. What an amazing woman. How many of us know when to stop taking?

Story #5: 

Ann-Marie sat to listen to a man one day who just wanted to share his story. He started talking when he realized he had an appointment with someone that was going to help him with some legal documents. He asked Ann-Marie if she could wait to continue the conversation. On his returned, he poured out his heart for about 45-minutes. When Ann-Marie offered him some assistance, his response was, “I am okay; however, I need help and prayer for my son.” What a selfless request from a man on the street who seemed to have nothing to offer. He had an exceptional love for a son he did not want to see in his shoes. How many of us when given an opportunity to gain for ourselves, are willing to pass it on to someone else?

Story #6:

Even though James had a church home, for several weeks, he attended service at another church.He came in, sat in a corner by himself, and before leaving, spoke to a young man who recently started attending service.Shirley wondered why he was attending service at that church when he had a church home.James met this young man a few weeks prior.When James found out that the young man started attending church, he decided to visit so his new found friend can see a familiar face.And that was not the only time.Months before James did the same thing for another lady he met who visited a completely different church.He made himself available, and became a pillar wherever needed. How many of us are willing to set aside our agenda to accommodate a stranger or friend?

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